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What to Expect During Your Boudoir Session

Almost everyone one of my couples, families, or ladies tells me before their session that they feel nervous. And that they don’t even know why! Whether it be engagement photos, family pictures, or a boudoir session, a lot of people get a little nervous. And I am here to say, THAT IS OKAY.

Hopefully hearing that others also get a little nervous before a photoshoot can bring some ease to you, being it is totally natural. Of course I rather nobody be nervous at all! Truth be told, each person who has said that to me before our shoot begins, says that they felt totally fine once it started. Again - if I could help minimize or totally eliminate those nerves to begin with, I would like to.

The reason I want your nerves gone from the start is simple:

I aim to capture your true self, which can be compromised if you feel nervous.

*Disclaimer: there are photos in this post of past boudoir clients. If you are uncomfortable with confident woman, this post isn't for you. If you are a creep, get the heck outta here!

Be sure to scroll to the very bottom to see one of my favorite boudoir shots! As well as this first one...another favorite.

While I usually only meet with my wedding couples before any sessions (since they entail more with the entirety of wedding planning) I am happy to meet, or at the least “virtually meet” over the phone or video chat, my ladies before a boudoir session. I have an obvious sense of humor and outwardly friendly personality that not everyone might want photographing them while half naked - and that’s okay.

If meeting or chatting more than through email before your boudoir session will help bring out some confidence in your self, let’s do it! If you’re more of a “nah I don’t like to chat over the phone” kind of gal, I hear you. Whatever the case, I have created a list of things to expect before your session to help you mentally (and physically) prepare.

1. What to wear you ask? Whatever makes YOU feel comfortable!

I truly believe confidence and feeling beautiful derive from being comfortable. I have said it many times and will continue to say it - I hate the color yellow on me. It just isn’t my thing, so there is no way I will ever wear yellow (not that I own anything yellow) during a photoshoot for myself. No matter how great I felt that day, or how my hair looked, I would never think I look as beautiful as I would have if I didn’t wear yellow. Lace not your thing? You prefer cozy and big sweaters? Love going nude? Yup, just do your thing.

2. It get’s kind of cold, lol.

It sounds so silly but I have to say it, if you’re going to typical minimal to no clothing route for your session, maybe grab a robe too. It get’s chilly, and being cold + nervous tends to result in goosebumps, which then tend to result in more nerves. First off girl, I got you on that airbrush edit ;) Don’t stress over some goosebumps. But second - PREPARE FOR COMFORT. Comfort equals confidence equals seeing your own true beauty. I believe it!

3. I will be in the room with you.

HA another silly, perhaps even stupid, sounding item to expect. But I cannot tell you how many girls say, “oh my gosh! I didn’t even think about the fact you would be seeing me in this outfit, ha!” And it’s true. You spend all this time on Pinterest coming up with what to wear (eh hem…whatever makes you comfortable) and imagining how you’ll look when you get the photos back. Maybe you even practice some posing in the mirror. But most people forget the fact that there will be another human in the room with you as you get some scandalous photos taken of yourself.

4. I do not care what you look like.

I’m not mean, I promise. And I pay great attention to detail - if theres a fuzz on your outfit, or a hair out of place, I will fix it. BUT - if you are thinner than me, heavier than me, or not where you want to be physically. If your hair is longer than you planned for these pictures, or you have a zit. I can promise you, I am not judging you. I am most likely admiring your confidence for getting boudoir photos done, or wondering where you got the cute outfit. I want to get to know your personality in order to bring that out in the pictures. I cannot say it enough - I want you to feel empowered and confident. Not judged or insecure.

5. We gonna have some FUN.

I like to have a good time during sessions. This will involve jokes, jamming to some music (let me know your preference!), and laughing off any discomfort. I am going to guide you completely when it comes to posing, faces, etc. So don’t stress. If you want to let me know some ideas you had, go right ahead. You need not to plan a thing, but you’re welcome to share your vision.

Other than what to expect from me as your boudoir photographer - and each photographer is different - I also wanted to share some quick tips. Some of these are applicable in any photo session, and some just for boudoir. If you read nothing else, at least read this section!


  • Have confidence! And if you don’t right away, please let me help you get there. I’ll be your hype (wo)man.

  • Do not wear underwear or a bra to your session. Start in loose fitting clothing - we don’t want lines and marks on your body.

  • Clean up your nails - fingers and toes. Paint is fine! And if you don’t care to paint them, just clean them up.


  • Embrace your nerves and let them run out of your body! You do not need to pretend you’re not nervous - you can tell me how you’re feeling, and we can either ease into the session or jump right in. Whatever your preference.

  • Boudoir photos can be for you and you alone. They do not need to be a gift for your significant other (though that is fine too!)

  • If you are able - pamper yourself! Get your hair and make up done. Photos last a lifetime, so investing in making them quality and something you want to look at forever is worth it.


Alright that’s all I got! Hopefully you enjoyed the read or at least skimmed the titles LOL. I hope I can capture you and all of your beauty soon.

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