hiya buddy

My name is Chelise (shuh-lease) and I am a wedding & lifestyle photographer. I have been practicing photography since 2011-ish, and started my business in May of 2016. With lots of experience and training under my sleeve, I am sure to take care of you on your big day. I don't only love photography or serving others though - 


Art as a whole is something I am extremely passionate about. You can often find me at the Detroit Institute of Arts, and hopefully one day at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, staring at Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" (IT HAPPENED! Click here to see some pics!). I love traveling and prioritize it into my schedule monthly. I wish I were better at painting, and very much enjoy woodworking.

So, if I sound like a good match, continue taking a look around. As you navigate your way through my site, you will see I embrace my own style while more importantly showing others personalities through their photos. Hopefully my next photos can be of you! 


Now I want to know YOU! 

Let's connect! Visit the contact page to tell me about yourself, and what memories I can capture for you.

Before starting my own business, I interned and worked under other wedding and lifestyle photographers. I am classically trained with schooling, as well as trained in photography and the business of it under established professionals. I take great pride in my upcoming to the photography world, and you too can take comfort in not only my creativity, but my professionalism as well. 

All photos above were taken by the wonderful Ashley of Diffuse Media!