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  • Chelise DiMercurio

The Perfect Garden Wedding

Autumn and Sean, I miss you two! If you're reading this, thank you both so much for allowing me to photograph your sweet wedding day. It was perfect.

These two got married in Heritage Gardens in Shelby Twp., MI. It was so intimate and family centered, two things I love to see in my couple's wedding days.

Starting the day off with a first look near the municipal building, then having their children join them for some family pictures, this September Friday with perfect weather was everything a bride and groom dreams of!

I would love for any other brides & grooms considering a garden wedding to gain inspiration from what these two incorporated. I will share lots of images to showcase their day that had a ton of care in the details regarding styling and making sure it was easy going and fun.

Autumn had her father hand her off during the first look, which was so unique and special. They made sure to keep far away from others, considering myself and all their children were already here at this point. This allowed for beautiful photos, everyone else to enjoy in their moment, while these two still had privacy.

Flower crowns, sandals, suspenders, and short sleeve button downs - this kept attire "casual" while still being on the nicer side. We all love the idea of a laid back wedding, but something to keep in mind is how it will look to you when the day is done and your memories were captured by your photographer.

Sean & Autumn absolutely nailed it! Making sure the outdoor attire is a bit more formal than a typical park gathering ensures there won't be distractions when looking through your wedding album. This also makes for the special day to be more special - you're not just hanging out with friends and family, you're celebrating!

Following the ceremony, and after saying hello to all their guests gathered around, we went off by ourselves for some couples portraits. The nice thing about having a wedding ceremony in a garden is that one is sure to have gorgeous scenery - a multitude of tree species, brick paver pathways, a fountain, and endless varieties of flowers and greenery.

Garden weddings are so dreamy and romantic. So if you consider yourself this kind of person, consider a garden wedding for yourself!

And last but not least, be sure to snap a picture in front of your venue ;) Garden wedding or banquet hall - you'll be so happy to have a picture of you and the love of your life in front of the place where it all became "official".

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