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  • Chelise DiMercurio

In-Home Engagement Session Ideas

Not sure where to have your engagement session? First of all - ask your photographer for their input! I am always happy to guide my couples in making decisions such as location, outfits, etc. Something I love to suggest if the situation seems fitting is an in-home session.

This is super fun a lot of reasons:

1) It's your first or new place together. So so so fun to show this off in such a cool stage of your relationship - engagement, moving into a home, etc.

2) It's cold out, lol. Lot's of winter or crappy weather session days push us indoors and it's so cozy and lovey and I love it.

3) You're real laid back and want that natural and candid session. This can be accomplished anywhere really, but some people (eh hem, me) are home bodies and this is where they relax. Let's embrace that!

I'm sure there's a lot of other reasons but this is fine for now in my opinion lol. So if you're wondering if you should do this, maybe you fall into one of the above ^ categories. Or perhaps you really want to show of your space together, but also love outside. Out of luck? Ahhhhh think again.

Ugh I just love cats ^^^^

These two love birds pictured throughout this blog were the perfect example of wanting a mix of cozy inside photos, and some to showcase their love for outdoors. Camping, hiking, and walking around downtown are a few of these two's favorite activities. That said - we incorporated all of that into their session! Well, not the camping exactly, but we still aimed for a similar feel ;)

As you can see, there's no limit to what you can do during your engagement session. Want to stay in?Sure boo. Want to go downtown? I'm down! Want to snuggle on a blanket and sip some coffee? I'll snuggle up with ya (no I won't HA that's too weird). We can do it all!

Possibly the biggest perk of having an in-home session - you can incorporate your fur babies. INCLUDING. YOUR. CAT. If you hate cats I understand, a lot of people do. Just keep it to yourself. Because you're wrong in feeling this way ;) While I have had one outdoor session bring along their cat, an in-home session is such an easy way to throw in your dog, cat, and whatever else ya got, while keeping your furry friends comfortable.

^ Luna really was the star of the show. Sorry Devon & Eric.

If you've been unsure of where to do your engagement session, consider your home! Heck, have a couples session just for moving into a new home. Celebrate new times always.

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