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  • Chelise DiMercurio

A Proposal in the Park

Back to the warmer days when the sun was actually out each day and Zac proposed the Shelby ahh!

I seriously love these two so much (I know them so it's not weird don't worry) so when Zac said he was planning on proposing and wanted me to capture it, of course I was honored and ready to go as soon as possible.

We tricked Shelby (mwuhahah) by saying I was giving them some casual "couple's photos" as a thank you for Zac helping me with a promotional video - side bar, check out Zac's work if you ever need a videographer (link at the bottom).

We met at Rochester Municipal Park on an extraordinarily hot day for their quick session. Next thing you know, Zac is popping the question! After the proposal and all the excitement, we went to Downtown Rochester for some photos, making sure to visit the restaurant that they had their first date at. Ugh, so sweet. Take a look below to see the cutest and most laughter-filled proposal ever.

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