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  • Chelise DiMercurio

A Country Engagement Session...With Horses!

To this day, this is one of my favorite engagement sessions ever! Not because of the location, the weather, day itself, or any other basic details. This is my favorite because I got to ride a horse, for the first time EVER.

When I was little, my grandma took my cousin and I to a fair, and we rode a camel. Yes, super weird and somewhat comical. Other than that back-ride experience, I had never ridden an animal until this engagement session.

Sure, you’re here for the photos and to see some horses. But if you want, scroll to the bottom to see ME on a horse. Katie & Mike were nice enough to offer for me to hop on one.

Embrace the inspiration from this truly country themed engagement session – fit for a country kind of couple.

___ k a t i e + m i k e

And now what you're all really looking for - me ;)

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