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  • Chelise DiMercurio

5 Getting Ready Tips for Your Wedding You Need to Know

When it comes to your wedding day, one thing I will tell each and every one of my couples is that the best thing you can be is relaxed. An easy way to accomplish being relaxed on your wedding day is being organized ahead of time.

The most stressful part of weddings days tends to be one of the following: when getting ready or family photos.

Now then – I give all my couples a sample family photo list to copy, paste, and fill in themselves in order to keep this area of the day running smoothly. Keep an eye out for that soon ;) In this blog I will share how to make the start of your wedding day organized in order to be on time, relaxed, and enjoy your wedding day to the absolute fullest at every moment.

1) Do Not Create a Schedule for The Day Without Your Vendors Input – ALL Of Your Vendors.

When brides tell me that hair and make-up is scheduled and will be done by a specific time, nothing makes me sadder to have to explain to them that there will not be enough time for all of the photos they want. The best thing to do is speak with your photographer before making concrete decisions with your hair and make-up artists (and other vendors). An experienced wedding photographer will understand the time that the hair and make-up artists need and when to begin taking photos according to their time – as well as communicate with the Hair & MUA directly for their input.

As for the groom– something often overlooked is the boutonniere’s. An experienced florist will be on top of florals being on time, but he/she cannot be blamed for bouquets or boutonniere’s not being on time if the bride or groom did not realize when they needed to arrive. Be sure to coordinate with your photographer when groomsmen photos will take place, if you want photos of the boutonnieres being put on, and deciding when they must arrive.

2) If You Want “Pinterest Pretty” Photos, Ask Your Photographer About the Location You are Getting Ready at.

While getting ready at the church you are having the ceremony may be easier, it also may be uglier. No hate on getting ready at your ceremony site! But please check out the space or ask your photographer to do so. If you are getting ready in a basement room, with low ceilings and florescent lighting, your photographer should be able to work with the lighting. BUT – they cannot give you those photos you saw on their own website, with your wedding dress hanging over a window in a hotel room, or the groom and his groomsmen clanking glasses at the bar. Scheduling extra time in your day in order to have a comfortable, large, and aesthetically pleasing location to get ready is extremely worth it.

3) Put All Your Details in a Box

Some of my favorite pictures to grab for my couples are detail shots – the groom’s shoes, watch, cuff links, and any memorabilia that is special and should be documented. This of course also includes the brides dress, shoes, jewelry, the invites, and any other sentimental items that should be captured.

Excluding the dress (lol) all of these items should be put together beforehand and placed in a shoe box, tote bag, or anything that can be grabbed and easily brought to the site where you are getting ready. The groom can have his items with him, and the bride hers.

Something important to remember– don’t touch any of it until your photographer is finished. I would love to capture you putting on your earrings or necklace, and the groom tying his shoes or adjusting his tie. Just leave everything in its location until your photographer and videographer are done having fun with it. An experienced vendor will not take too long – so don’t worry, you will still have time to put everything on or place it where you’d like it for your wedding day.

4) Put Someone in Charge – No, Not Yourself

I don’t care if this is your Maid of Honor or Best Man, or someone else. They do not need a special title to have the personality that will help keep everyone on track. I personally play time keeper at weddings, and will always do so whether someone else is helping or not. But for your own sake and comfort, let one of your bridal party members know that they are in charge of the clock, and should keep everyone else on schedule for the day. Reminding the gentlemen that shoes and jackets should be on in five minutes, and the girls to pack all their bags and load the car in ten.

Your job is to relax, look good, and get married. As your photographer, I will make sure you are on time and anybody else in the room is. But I will not leave the room or miss important moments to capture because a bridesmaid is nowhere to be found. Your bridal party will not be capturing your dad’s reaction when seeing you, or best friend showing up with a gift from your bride. Expect someone else to wrangle up those who are falling behind in the schedule.

5) Assume You Will be Five Minutes Behind

This most likely will happen, and even if it doesn’t, then great! You’re now five minutes ahead of schedule. Just remember that you are getting ready for the best day of your life – so try to relax, and be comfortable with the idea that you may run a tad bit behind. No biggie. You’re still getting married ;)

There are so many tips and pieces of advice I could give, but I will stop at these. These five points are the first that pop into my head when my couples ask me if there’s anything they may have missed while planning out their day.

Hopefully these can be helpful to you as well! Always be sure to communicate with your vendors, and get their input as well. Happy planning!

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