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  • Chelise DiMercurio

A Library Wedding | Clinton Township, MI

Afraid of rain on your wedding day? We all are. Your photographer might have it on their mind more than you. Everyone loves the idea of beautiful images in their desired location, which more often than not is outdoors.

A great alternative location for your wedding photos if their is rain or too poor weather to be outside is a library. This may sound funny, and perhaps not very "pretty" or "romantic", but allow these photos to get rid of those thoughts.

Taylor and Joe were married in June, but open to getting some photos done many months later. We planned a fun shoot, with us photographers and a make up artist. This was an opportunity for them to get some beautiful images and play dress up with their wedding attire.

As Michigan often does, the weather switched up on us a little too late to find a new date. So, we improvised and found an indoor location! Often we will take our couples to a greenhouse for indoor photos, which is such a wonderful idea - but we wanted to do something different. And boy are we happy that we did.


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