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  • Chelise DiMercurio

Must-Have Getting Ready Photos for the Bride

Ladies - we know it's fun to get ready for any event, and especially with your friends. How many of you have sent the "what are you wearing tonight?" text? Or - "are we looking cute or keeping it chill?" As I type this I hear how cheesy it sounds, but it's still undeniably common.

With that said, getting ready for one's wedding will most likely not yield these texts or questions. Nonetheless, it is still so fun! I absolutely love spending the first part of the day with our brides while they get ready with the closest females in their lives. Laughs, tears, "oh my gosh's", and more tears almost always happen.

All these moments are fleeting; therefore, should be documented. That is what your photographer is for - to capture small moments that may be forgotten without a photo. Heck, you may have not even realized this sweet interaction was happening till you see the photo later on.

While I am a huge advocate for candid photos and just being in the moment, this blog post is to help you create these scenes. Take the time to read what is going on behind each image, so you too can have these raw and real moments between you and your loved ones on the day of your wedding.


Detail shots (for myself) include all the little accessories and details that will make your day unique to you. The perfume you wore (wear something new! Feed those senses - sight & smell ;)), all jewelry - not just the rings, the shoes, and of course any special memorabilia to be with you on that day.

I like to get these shots immediately upon arriving (after saying hi and squealing cause my brides are all always so beautiful) so that everyone can finish getting ready and my bride can have all the items she needs. ALSO, so I can capture her with these final touches - putting earring on, spraying perfume, etc.

2. Final Touches

As I mentioned, I like to get those detail photos done first so that I can capture final touches. It seems silly to get a shot of my bride getting her shoes on, but just look. How gorgeous does her dress look just gracefully spilled to the side? And how calm is my other bride putting those earring on? These are those small moments.


You have chosen specific friends, family members, and close one's to stand by your side on the most important day of your life. So of course you want photos with them. Don't get me wrong - getting some posed and formal shots with your bridal party are great, but those natural moments are even better.

My favorite thing to tell the bride is to just take a second and look around - look at your friends, your sister, your cousin - and think of when you chose to ask them to stand up with you. I also love telling the bridesmaids, mom, grandma, and whoever to tell the bride how beautiful she is. Or how special she is, and how excited they are.

Lastly, create moments. Jump on the bed together, have your sister button up your dress, or take a moment to pray together. Whatever makes you, you and makes your friendships what they are - incorporate that into your wedding day.


You had to see this coming, right? You either went to a tons of different bridal shops, or just one. Perhaps you shopped online, or are wearing someone else's dress who is dear to your heart. You may have tried on one, two, three, or over ten dresses. No matter the process, you thought carefully about what you wanted to wear on your wedding day.

You will hear countless times that you only wear your wedding dress once. While nowadays there are some other opportunities to throw one's dress back on, more than likely this is the only time you are going to seriously wear it. You might store it away after and save it for someone else, or donate it as it has served its purpose and needs to bless someone else. No matter what you do with your dress, or if you get to wear it again, you will want it documented.

Some shots that are so important and you will be so happy to have are the following:

- The entire dress, front and back

- Details and close ups of the dress

- The sleeves (if any)

- The dress laying down if your surroundings allow it

- The dress on you - by this I mean a focus on the dress, not a focus on you. Yes, you are much more important than the fabric you are wearing, but allow a photo to help you remember how your dress fit like a glove. This photo can help remind you how flawless you felt in it - and who doesn't want that feeling brought back up?

- You looking at and touching your dress. Sound kind of funny? I always ask my brides about their dress - how long did it take to find it, what's your favorite part about it, etc. - and they all just love to talk about it! I like to have my brides actually looking at the dress while this conversation takes place.

- And of course - the money shot - getting your dress on.

Now then, remember to leave enough time during preparation for your photographer to be creative. Not just for photos of the dress, but for all of the pictures.

Enjoy the following images for some dress inspiration!

That is all! While there are so many things that will be happening as you get ready for your wedding, these are some important moments I find that when prioritized to happen and capture, everyone is happy.

Some other moments to consider might include the final touches of your hair and make up, portraits of just you (the bride), and quiet, relaxed moments spent alone.

If you are loving this blog and wondering where my tips for the groom getting ready are....stay tuned!

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