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  • Chelise DiMercurio

What to Wear - Engagement Photos

You. Are. Engaged. YEAUH! So exciting. I am excited for you! Whether I will be the one capturing your engagement photos, or another wonderful photographer will be, enjoy this guide and help of what-to-wear for your session.

Now then, I am including some examples from a few different seasons. Being based in Michigan, I am not always blessed with perfect golden-hour-sunsets in the summer, or sparkly snow storms in December. Nonetheless, being in the business for a few years now has given me lots of different environments and opportunities to capture couples in beauty.

Whether you are taking your photos in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, you can use these basic tips and guidelines to help you choose the perfect outfit. Since I have already blabbered on, I will keep the tips short and sweet!


Trends come and go, but there are certain things in life that are classic, such as wearing your hair down or a pair of jeans. Keep it simple, and stick to things you know you aren't going to regret big time later on. Photos are for a lifetime!


The power of layers is so real. No matter the season - the hottest of days or the coldest - one can layer up to switch up style without totally changing. This also yields an opportunity for you see how you feel with that scarf or sweater once you actually get going. Posing in your mirror and hanging with your photographer will be very different.


One of the best tips I can share in regards to your outfits for photos is this: do not match perfectly, but rather compliment each other. This isn't to say don't have some fun with it. I have seen couples throw on a matching shirt, sports jersey, or full on onesie as an outfit for photos. When it comes to the main outfit or two that you want to showcase or print and hang up in your living room, try to coordinate colors and patterns and avoid matching 100%.


I constantly have couples (mainly the bride, let's be real) sending me photos of outfit ideas, and asking what colors look best. My first, second, third, and fourteenth suggestion is always to dress in something that keeps you feeling like you. If you do not like how the color yellow looks on your - God knows I don't like it on me - then don't wear yellow just because you have a spring engagement session. Wear what will keep you confident!

last but most definitely not least...


This does not happen too often, but here and there I have seen you ladies forget to remove old nail polish, or have multiple broken nails (I'm one who does this often). Your fingernails are not going to be the focus of your session, but they may catch your attention more than you prefer if you leave them messy. Plus, us photographer's like to get creative and focus on small details sometimes, such as you lovebirds holding hands or that bling on your finger.

theeeeee end!

That's all, folks! There are so many tips that can help, but I found those to be the most helpful and important. Some other simple things to help you feel ready for your photos include adding some accessories or not wearing a bold lipstick you have never worn before (trust me, if you don't normally wear super-cool deep purple lipstick, don't try it out for the first time in your pictures).

Just remember to relax and have some fun. I personally like to capture my couple's true personality with each other, and most photographers these days will try to do the same.


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