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The Ultimate Family Photo List

Yes, your wedding will contain madness. Well, it can. BUT - it does not have too. Truth be told, I have photographed and attended very many weddings, and have seen the best and the worst. Your wedding will be wonderful, fun, and beautiful. That is, if you want it to be! The key to attaining happiness and bliss on one's wedding day is to be just that - happy and blissful.

One area of weddings that tend to yield stress no matter the couple, is family photos. Perhaps you are like me and have a very large family. Perhaps you are someone with zero siblings and two cousins. Regardless, when this time comes, some people get a little antsy and want them to be over.

If that might be you (and it just may be - regardless of how chill of a person you are), then take advantage of this family list I have created in order to bring ease to this time of the day. Now then, if you are a couple of mine, I will be sending you this anyway. If you are not, heck! Take it anyways. Of course, chat with your photographer and wedding coordinator and see what they have in mind first ;)


All of my couples receive this list to either base their own off of, or just copy, paste, and fill in their own names. It makes things simple and the day move smoothly. During this time of family photos, your second photographer (or sometimes a friendly family member takes over - and we don't mind!) will be reading off of this list, while your main shooter (moi) snaps the pictures.

To any photographers reading, you now know my secret to seamless and easy family pictures! And yes I know, this is not a big industry secret - but hey, it took me till my third wedding to figure this one out!

E N J O Y : )

PS - the names used in this list are just an example - not a real couple's family - nonetheless, making it easier for my couples to understand what I would like of them. Using both names and labels only adds to the ease of family photos.

PPS - try to start with the elderly, the super young, or anyone who may be handicapped or need to finish up and relax sooner than others.


Brides Mom’s Side

  • Bride with mom (Amanda)

  • Bride with dad (Ken)

  • Bride with both parents (Ken and Amanda) Add Groom

  • Bride with grandma and grandpa Cristoforo Add Groom

  • Bride with sister (Alicia)

  • Bride with brother (Dan)

  • Bride with both siblings (Alicia & Dan) Add Groom

  • Bride and Groom with Aunt Rebecca & Uncle Andy

  • Bride and Groom with cousin Annabelle

  • Bride and Groom with cousin Henry

Brides Dad’s Side

  • Bride with grandma and grandpa Affer Add Groom

  • Bride and Groom with Fiscelli family (Aunt Mary, Uncle Greg, cousins Jomarie and Dominic)

  • Bride and Groom with Aunt Grace and Uncle Sam

***Bride and Groom with both Bride and Grooms Parents (Amanda, Ken, Jessica, David)

Grooms Mom’s Side

  • Groom with mom (Jessica)

  • Groom with dad (David)

  • Groom with mom and dad (Jessica and David) Add Bride

  • Groom with both brothers (Austin & Anthony) Add Bride

  • Groom with cousin Emily Add Bride

  • Groom and Bride with Aunt Justine and Uncle Brandon

Grooms Dad’s Side

  • Groom with grandma Pattie and grandpa Rick Add Bride

  • Groom and Bride with Aunt Michelle and Uncle Andy Add Children (Bryce & Ashley)

  • Groom and Bride with cousins Frank, Jimmy, and Theresa

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