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  • Chelise DiMercurio

Robbie + Lexi | Wedding

You ever meet someone (or two someone's) and feel like you instantly clicked? This is how I felt when meeting Lexi and Robbie last year. These two both carry such bright and kind personalities. I feel like I have gained two friends through these "clients".

The wedding of Robbie and Lexi took place on a rainy May afternoon, but no worries with the weather - the skies cleared just in time for their ceremony and some beautiful bridal party photos. I have yet to meet a couple I have not completely enjoyed getting to know, but I must say, I feel I connected in a whole new way with these two! Enjoy their wedding moments shared in this blog post, and allow yourself to see their personalities through their facial expressions (most of which are smiles and giggles).

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size of these photographs, they may load slowly or from the bottom. Thank you for your patience! Enjoy clicking on the smaller images to enlarge.

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