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  • Chelise DiMercurio

Downtown Rochester, MI - Engagement Session

I met with Alex & Heather in Downtown Rochester for their engagement session. We started at the Municipal Park for some outdoorsy like shots, then moved into downtown for the cityscape and ice cream (ugh yes).

It is hard to say who loves ice cream more - myself or Heather. If we backtrack to when I met with them initially about their wedding, I had offered up to meet for coffee or ice cream (like I do with all of my couples) and Heather knew right away that ice cream was the way to go for meeting. I then knew that no matter if I shot their wedding or not, I would love Heather since she had a good head on her shoulders as someone who loves ice cream more than coffee.

This little rant of mine is so not important and I know most of you are here to look at the photos. So scroll down and enjoy!

The end :')

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