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Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Ahh yes, the most commonly asked question. There is not only one reason behind the pricing of photography, so bear with me.

  • To start, we use only professional grade equipment. Each piece of equipment we carry with us on your big day ranges from $400 to $3,900, and is insured.

  • Besides this, I will be meeting with you on two occasions before your day to assure I am providing you with the service you want and need specifically for you. Besides our meetings, I will be spending 8-12 hours planning and finalizing the itinerary for your day from my teams perspective. Then comes your 6-10 hour wedding day.

  • And finally, the editing. Editing can take anywhere from 32-56 hours, depending how long your wedding was, the amount of locations we took photos at, and the tiny things like blemishes or distracting backgrounds. Your photographs will be very important to you immediately following the wedding as well as decades to come. You will be thankful that you invest in a professional, creative, and trustworthy company.

Are all of our photos edited?

Yes! I will edit all of your photos for exposure, composition, and the little details like stains on your clothes or distracting objects. I edit all of your photographs, so the style is consistent regardless of who is shooting with me.

What makes your style different from other photographers?

At Chelise Renee Photography, we pride ourselves on authenticity. My team and I have been told time and time again that everyone - bride, groom, bridal party, family, kids, and so on - felt comfortable while we were with them. Our genuine care for your overall day and photos will help to create candid moments.

Do you always bring a second shooter with you? 

For every single wedding, yes! For lifestyle sessions however, not usually. Whether you have 30 people or 300 at your wedding or elopement, a second shooter will be with me. Having us at two different angles, and two different places at once makes it possible to capture every little moment. 

What is required to book a date with you?

To reserve your wedding date, a non-refundable $500 deposit and signed contract are required. The deposit will go toward your total. For lifestyle sessions, a non-refundable $100 deposit is required. This deposit is good toward one new date, if rescheduling is absolutely needed. A convenience fee will be applied if one would like to reschedule their session more than one time. If a wedding or session is cancelled, the deposit will not be refunded. 

Do we receive black and white copies?

But of course. I'm a sucker for a good black and white. Any image that is in black and white will also have the color copy.

Where are you located?

I currently live in and am based out of Shelby Township, MI. To help better understand, I am about 40 min. north of Detroit. BUT - I travel! Take me anywhere!

How many photos will we receive?

While there is no limit, a typical 8 hour wedding day yields anywhere from 900-1100 photos. Don't be overwhelmed! You will receive them organized into folders separated by each part of the day. (Preparation, ceremony, bridal party, etc.)

For a regular, 60 minute lifestyle session, you will receive roughly 60+ digital images, as well as black and white copies.

How do we receive our photos? And how soon?

You will receive your photos in 2 ways for wedding photography. A private online gallery to download directly to your computer or email to loved ones, as well as a USB drive in the mail with your wedding package. I deliver photos approximately 6 weeks after your wedding, depending on what season you are married in. If I have multiple weddings surrounding yours, I will inform you ahead of time if it will take closer to 8 weeks to deliver. I will never deliver photos later than 8 weeks prior to your wedding date.

For lifestyle sessions, you will receive your photos within 14 days, via a private, online gallery to download directly to your computer. 

Do we receive print release with our photos?

Upon receiving your photos you will receive print release with those photos. This meaning that you may print, post, share, copy, and mail the photos as many times to as many people as you would like. You may not, however, re-edit the photos or sell them for financial gain (which is the difference between print release and copyright).

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